I am not using English software and it is not working right... what do I do? Back to FAQ

If your having issues with other languages not showing up correctly... this should be fixable with a Wineskin 2.1+ wrapper. By default it will use your default locale, but sometimes you want to run software that is not the same locale as your machine is set to.


First you need to find the correct Font packs to install if your language needs them.  This would basically be Windows fonts installed in the wrapper, not OSX fonts.


Next you need to do some web searching to find the correct locale... if you want a list of all language locales on your machine, open up Terminal.app and type in (no quotes) “locale -a” and you will get a list.  With some web searching, you should be able to figure out which of those is the right one for the language you need.


When you find it, you enter it in the custom command blank for the LANG variable, like the example below


export LANG=zh_tw.utf-8


where zh_tw.utf-8 is from the list you got in terminal earlier, and is for traditional Chinese in a UTF-8 format.  After “export LANG=” you basically just write in the corresponding result from the “locale -a” command that is correct for the language you need.  It is usually important that you install the Fonts you need for some languages first before trying to set this, or it can cause problems.


The Custom Commands blank for entering this is only available in Wineskin 2.1+ wrappers.