How do I use Wineskin? Back to FAQ

You use Wineskin Winery to make wrappers, get Engines, and wrapper updates.  Once a wrapper is made using Wineskin Winery, they are basically just empty and ready to start with.  You use Wineskin.app inside the wrapper to actually start setting up the wrapper for the program you want.

For information on how to use these programs, please look at the Manual for Wineskin.  It may seem like a lot at first.  You may want to go to the end of the manual and try the step by step examples, if you want some hands on porting.

Do not be afraid to send a question on the Support link.  It may or may not get answered quickly, but it will be answered.  Questions about specific program/game problems may not be available, as every program/game has its own quirks and needs... so getting one program ported may be much easier, or different, than getting another ported.