How do I multitask in a fullscreen program? Back to FAQ

For engine bases WS6+ you can use Cmd+Opt+A to toggle back and forth between fullscreen mode... if its already in fullscreen mode.  It will simply draw the fullscreen on your desktop somewhat... and you can use Cmd+Opt+A to make it go back to fullscreen.  If the game is NOT already in a fullscreen mode, this button combo will not do anything.  It is simply a nice way to get the fullscreen unlocked so you can run some other program, or check your email temporarily, or whatever, and then switch back in.


For all older engines, you can just use CMD+H to hide fullscreen, and click on it in the dock to get back.... these don’t have display capturing, so basically everything should work like Expose and CMD+Tab.  There are focus issues with these older engines, so don’t be surprised if they sometimes change on their own without warning... this is why the newer engines capture the display much harder, and lock you out without the key combo... to fix focusing problems.