How do I install Wineskin? Back to FAQ

If you want to actually install things to create wrappers for yourself or others....


Wineskin wrappers are created in Wineskin Winery.


Download the latest version of Wineskin Winery and use it to create all the Wineskin wrappers that you need.



If you want to use a port or wrapper made by someone else, you need to follow their directions... typically it works just like a normal Mac Application and you have nothing special to install.


If its a wrapper someone has shared, usually you need to just install the program inside the wrapper using the “Install Windows Software” or "Install Software" (in Wineskin 2.5.5+) button in Wineskin.app, or just dragging and dropping the installer/setup exe or msi file onto the wrapper.  You really need to follow directions by the person who made the specific wrapper or full port though, as there might be some special things to do.