How do I completely uninstall Wineskin and related materials? Back to FAQ

why would you want to do that?   :-)


If you just have a wrapper/port made by someone else that uses Wineskin, you just delete the application like any other, nothing special needs to be done.


If you are using Wineskin Winery to create wrappers...


Everything stored from Wineskin Winery is in the following location (~ means your Home folder)

~/Library/Application Support/Wineskin

you can remove that whole folder.


All wrappers are exported to


you can remove that whole folder, but be sure if you want to keep any of your apps you move them out, they will still work fine without Wineskin Winery or anything else still installed.


Remove Wineskin Winery.app in Applications or where ever you put it.


If you used a wrapper that had an ICE version of an engine in it, it is stored locally in ~/Library/Application Support/Wineskin/Engines/ICE so you may want to remove that too.


all done!