How can I make a general use Wine wrapper to run exe files from Finder? Back to FAQ

This is actually possible (though not recommended) as long as you are using a Wineskin 2.3 or later wrapper.  This info is only here due to popular demand.

Here is how I did it, make modifications as you see needed.

Create a wrapper and call it WS-Wine.app

In Wineskin.app

  • Make sure the Windows EXE blank is left to nothing.exe, so that just double clicking WS-Wine.app in the future will give you the Wineskin.app menu.
  • Type the version of the engine name (like WS7Wine1.2.3) in the Version field for quick reference
  • Make the top menubar name WS-Wine and the engine name, also for quick reference.

In Finder

  • Right click a .exe file in Finder and Get Info on it.  Change it to "Open With" the WS-Wine.app, and select to Change All so all .exe files will open with this app.
  • repeat the previous step with .msi or .bat files or other Windows executables as needed.

In Terminal.app

  • cd into the folder WS-Wine.app is in (I put Mine in the normal Applications Folder).
  • In here make a symlink to the drive_c folder for quick access to the C drive where things will be installed in this wrapper.
    • cd /Applications
    • ln -s WS-Wine.app/Contents/Resources/drive_c WS-Wine-DriveC

At that point you should have a WS-Wine.app that will open files directly, and a shortcut folder to see inside its Drive C folder.

It is still better overall to make 1 dedicated wrapper per program, as certain things you install in this general wrapper can break other software running in it.