How can I help make Wineskin better? Back to FAQ

Wineskin is an open source program (LGPL license), you can modify the source however you need, and use it, as long as you make the changes to the source available for others... preferably sending the changes back to the main Wineskin project.


The main Wineskin project page is hosted on Sourceforge.net


Donations are always greatly appreciated, and will go mainly to covering server costs and hopefully bandwidth costs for updates and downloads of things built into Wineskin Winery.app (like engines).


This biggest help would actually be in helping out the Wine and XQuartz projects in any way you can.... the better they get, the better Wineskin gets!  Also if anyone ever gets a working Mac OS X Quartz driver for Wine built in, XQuartz will no longer be needed, and Wineskin should run much better.  Donations to Wine at winehq.org help Wine get better, which in turn helps Wineskin as well.


If you want to help on the Wineskin project, please see send a message via the Support page.