How can I build Custom Engines on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion? Back to FAQ

This is much easier than it used to be as of W2.5.5v1EngineBase, so the process should be the same as in 10.6.

You need to have some version of Xcode 3 or Xcode 4 with the Mac OS X 10.6 SDK installed.

In Wineskin Winery, press + to add an engine and choose to custom build an engine.  From there you can select Wine source code (supplied by you) and name your engine and build.  When the build process starts in a Terminal window, it may prompt for some input, so watch.  If you're using a current version of XCode 4 you will not have a compiler that can compile the code correctly, so you should be prompted to install a gcc compiler which the Engine Builder will do for you if you answer Yes to the install prompt.  This will install the gcc compiler system wide so you can use it for anything along side the other compilers that come with Xcode.