Can I convert other wrapper types to Wineskin wrappers? Back to FAQ

There are some other similiar wrapper types floating around the web.  The main types are basically hacks of Crossover... known mainly as CX Wrappers, CXS, CXZ, and CXEx.  Any hacked Crossover wrapper can be converted to a Wineskin wrapper.  You can also use this method to upgrade older Wineskin wrappers to something newer.

You'll need to decide on an engine to use, and maybe try a few different ones.  Finding an engine is usually the hardest part... other than choosing an engine, below are the steps to follow.

  • Make a new wrapper in Wineskin Winery with your chosen engine
  • Copy the actual "drive_c" folder from the CX based wrapper and replace the drive_c folder in the new Wineskin wrapper.  Make sure you replace the actual drive_c in Contents -> Resources, and not just the link to it that is by Wineskin.app.
  • Copy the three .reg files from the other wrapper and replace the three .reg files in your Wineskin wrapper in Contents -> Resources
  • Run Wineskin.app and set up the configuration the way it needs to be... the EXE, the menubar names, versions, etc... and you can select the Icon out of the old wrapper as well.
  • Go to Wineskin.app -> Advanced -> Tools, and do a Refresh Wrapper

At this point you can try to run the new wrapper and it should hopefully work.  You may need to play with screen settings and engine versions, but its usually pretty easy at this point to get the program working.

I only suggest people not use these Crossover hacked wrappers because they are basically hacks of the actual Crossover program which is NOT free, and several versions will not work right on certain versions of Mac OS X.  If you really want to use these, I suggest paying Codeweavers for a Crossover license anyways, so you are not stealing their work... or convert it to Wineskin and use that.